Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center at UMass Amherst


Elizabeth (Beckie) Finn
Elizabeth Finn
Water Projects/Lab Coordinator
MS Environmental Studies/Conservation Biology, Antioch University New England
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Wetlands ecology, Soils, Mollusks, Botany, Macrophytes
Email: Tel: 413-545-5979
Marie-Fran├žoise Hatte
Associate Director, Water Resources Research Center
M.S. Forest Hydrology, Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Forest Management, Auburn University
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Water quality monitoring, water resources, fluvial geomorphology, local watershed issues, outreach and technology transfer
Email: Tel: 413-545-5531
Paula Rees
Paula Rees
Director, Water Resources Research Center
Ph.D. Civil Engineering & Operations Research, Princeton University Certificate in Science, Technology, and Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson School, B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Hydrology and hydrometeorology, sediment transport, climate change impacts on water resources, water resources sustainability, watershed water quality and quantity modeling, point and nonpoint source pollution, stormwater management and modeling, watershed dynamics and management, extreme floods, ecological health, emerging contaminants, and broader impacts.
Email: Tel: 413-545-5528
Jerry Schoen
Jerry Schoen
Director, Outreach and Education
M.S. Resource Management and Administration, Antioch University, B.A. English, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Stormwater management, information technology solutions, proposal development and project management, formal and informal science education, support of citizen groups, and citizen science.
Email: Tel: 413-545-5532