Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center at UMass Amherst

Other Water Research on Campus

This is a partial list of UMass Amherst water-related research:

David Boutt identifies glacial tills as major groundwater storage reservoir

Amanda Kinchla and Sam Nugen work on quantifying pathogens in vegetable-wash water

Caitlyn Butler (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Paul Barten (Ecological Conservation)

  • Hydrologic effects of forest management and land use change
  • East-wide assessment of forests, water supplies, and human impact
  • Application of the Watershed Forest Management Information System (WFMIS) (various watersheds in the eastern US)

David Boutt (Geosciences)

  • Interactions between physical, chemical, and human processes in near-surface hydrologic environments

Casey Brown (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

  • Hydroclimatologic variability and change
  • Climate risk management in infrastructure systems
  • Water, climate and economic development
  • Sustainable water resources planning and management