Continuous Stream Temperature and Flow Monitoring Workshop

This two-day, invitation-only workshop is organized by Allison Roy of the UMass Amherst Mass. Coop Unit with a steering committee of leaders from USGS, USEPA, MA Div. of Ecological Restoration, USFS, Michigan State University and Tetra Tech, Inc. This workshop is funded by USGS through its WRRI program via the MA Water Resources Research Center.


The first day will include brief presentations describing the reference monitoring network, importance of continuous monitoring, monitoring protocols, and data management. Then, we will visit streams in the Amherst area with existing gages to describe installation procedures and demonstrate sampling techniques. The second day will be restricted to state participants in the reference network, and we will discuss data management and analysis, logistics of field effort, and efforts to seek additional funding to support the network. Workshop attendance is by invitation only, and will take place at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and nearby streams.

Presentations (pdf files of Powerpoints)

Air Temperature Protocols -  Holden

Water Temperature Protocols - Stamp

Data Management - Stamp

Creating Regional Monitoring Networks in Freshwater Wadeable Streams -  Stamp

Continuous Measurement of Stream Flow in Wadeable Streams- Craddock

Calculating Temperature Summary Statistics - Tsang

NorEaST Web Portal Tutorial - Stewart

Using Stream Temperature Data from NorEaST Portal - Tsang


Logistics and Directions

Logistics and Directions

Annotated Map of Campus

We will post presentations on this page after the workshop.

Lead Organizers:

Allison Roy, US Geological Survey, Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Paul Barten, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Environmental Conservation

Britta Bierwagen, US Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development

Michelle Craddock, MA Department of Fish and Game, Division of Ecological Restoration

Christine Hatch, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Geosciences Department

Marie-Françoise Hatte, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Water Resources Research Center

Laila Parker, MA Department of Fish and Game, Division of Ecological Restoration

Jen Stamp, Center for Ecological Sciences, Tetra Tech, Inc.


David Armstrong, US Geological Survey, New England Water Science Center

Anna Hamilton, Center for Ecological Sciences, Tetra Tech, Inc.

Zachary Holden, US Forest Service

Daniel Isaak, US Forest Service

Aaron Moore, VT Department of Environmental Conservation

Todd Richards, MA Division of Fish and Wildlife

Jana Stewart, US Geological Survey, Wisconsin Water Science Center

Yin Phan Tsang, Michigan State University

Roy Socolow, US Geological Survey, New England Water Science Center