Marie-Françoise Hatte
Photo of Marie-Françoise Hatte
Interim Director, Water Resources Research Center
M.S. Forest Hydrology, Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Forest Management, Auburn University
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Water quality monitoring, water resources, fluvial geomorphology, local watershed issues, outreach and technology transfer More info: http://ag.umass.edu/feature/we-all-live-downstream
Email: mfhatte@umass.edu Tel: 413-545-5531
Cameron Richards
Photo of Cameron in the lab
Research Fellow
M.S. GIST, B.S. Environmental Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Expertise and Focal Interests:
Environmental sample collection and laboratory analysis, hydrology, wetlands, soil chemistry and microbiology, sustainable agriculture, geospatial data collection and modeling, environmental toxicology, and renewable energy.
Email: cameronr@umass.edu Tel: 413-545-5979