Blue, Green, Grey Water in Agriculture

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 12:00am to Friday, June 20, 2014 - 12:00am
Tufts University

The Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center organized one track of the Water Systems, Science and Society under Global Change conference on the topic of Advancing agricultural water security and resilience under nonstationarity and uncertainty: evolving roles of blue, green and grey water.

Our objective was to provide USDA a global view of the challenges, opportunities, and needs for future research, extension programming, and education around this emerging water management paradigm and need the input of the Ag community and extension.

Track program is listed below with links to PowerPoint presentations and Videos if permission was given by author.

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Conference Program - USDA/WRRC Track

Wednesday June 18th
8:00    Session 4: Water Conservation Innovations for Climate-Resilient Agriculture
  1. Wayne Honeycutt, Deputy Chief for Science and Technology, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service: "Water Quality Strategies and Approaches of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Barbara Minsker, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "Improving Climate Resilience Through Smart Agriculture" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Discussion
9:20    Plenary I - University Contributions to Water Resources Management
    Moderator: Richard Vogel, Tufts University
    Dennis Lettenmaier, University of Washington
    Robert Hirsch, U.S. Geological Survey
10:45    Session 9: Israeli Water Management for Agriculture
  1. Uri Shamir, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, and the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel: "Management of Water Systems Under Uncertainty" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Doron Markel, Water Authority of Israel: "The Red Sea - Dead Sea Conveyance Feasibility Study, 2008-2013" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Sharon Megdal, University of Arizona: "Decentralized use of grey water and treated wastewater for agriculture in the Middle East" (PPT Slides, Video)
  4. Discussion
1:30    Session 13: Agriculture and Sustainable Water Management
  1. Stanley Mubako, University of Texas: "Agricultural Virtual Water Trade and Water Footprint of U.S. States" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Kari Vigerstol, TNC: "Global Water Challenge Through the Conservation Lens" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Katie Meehan, University of Oregon: "Downspout Politics: Formalizing Rainwater Harvesting in the U.S. and Worldwide" (PPT Slides, Video)
  4. Discussion
3:00    Plenary II - The World's Water Challenges
    Moderator: Uri Shamir, Techion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
    Upmanu Lall, Columbia University
    Annette Huber-Lee, Stockholm Environment Institute   
4:15    Session 18: The Use of Shared Center Pivot Irrigation to Improve Smallholders Livelihoods in Africa
  1. Mark Andreini, consultant Water for Food Institute: "The Use of Shared Center Pivot Irrigation to Improve Smallholders Livelihoods in Africa" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Richard Berkland, Valmont: "Piloting Center Pivot Irrigation Projects in Tanzania and Rwanda" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Discussion
5:30    Welcome Reception and Poster Session

Thursday June 19th

8:00    Session 23: Case Studies from Southern USA

  1. Mary Love Tagert, et. al: "On-farm water storage systems and irrigation scheduling in Mississippi" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. George Vellidis, University of Georgia: "Precision Irrigation:  An Opportunity for Dramatically Increasing Agricultural Water Use Efficiency" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Larry Parsons, University of Florida: "Reclaimed water use in Florida and its role in agriculture"
  4. Scott Reinert, Hydrogeologist, El Paso Public Water Utilities: "Beneficial Reuse in Elpaso, Texas" (PPT Slides, Video)
  5. Discussion
9:20    Plenary III - Blue, Green and Grey Water Use in Agriculture - Overview of State-of-the-Art, Challenges, and Opportunities 
Moderator: Christopher Lant, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Arjen Hoekstra, University of Twente-Netherlands (Video)
Peter K. Weiskel, U.S. Geological Survey: "Rethinking the contemporary water cycle" (PPT Slides, Video)
10:45    Session 28: Case Studies from the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic
  1. Amy Shober, University of Delaware: "How repeated droughts and high commodity prices fueled the expansion of blue water use for agricultural irrigation in Delaware"
  2. Doug Beegle, Penn State: "Strategic and Tactical Challenges for Water Management in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Rich Bonanno, UMass Extension: "On-farm Water Management in Massachusetts and New England: An overview of new practices, challenges and needs" (PPT Slides)
  4. Casey Kennedy: "Phosphorus export from cranberry farms during the harvest flood:  patterns, controls, and solutions"
  5. Discussion
1:30    Session 32: Native American Perspectives on Water Management
  1. Matt Livingston, Associate Agent Hopi Tribe Office: "Hopi Agriculture in the Changing Physical and Social Environment" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Karletta Chief, University of Arizona: "Collaborative and resilience water management planning under climatic and non-climatic stressors for southwestern tribes" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Ed Martin, University of Arizona/Maricopa County Coop Ext: "Irrigation on the Navajo Nation, Experiences and Recommendations" (PPT Slides, Video)
  4. Discussion
3:00    Plenary IV - USDA-NIFA Water Management Vision
Moderator: TBD
James Dobrowolski, USDA-NIFA, Program Leader, Water-Ag Security
3:30    Plenary V - Water Data Services 
Moderator: Robert Hirsch, U.S. Geological Survey
Richard Hooper
Alva Couch
4:15    Session 37: U.S. Water-Ag Footprints and Innovative Solutions
  1. Joshua Faulkner, U. Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture: "Soil and Water Management in the Northeast for Climate-Resilient Agriculture" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Glenn D. Schaible, USDA: "U.S. Irrigated Ag Trends and Challenges" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Discussion

5:00    Reception and Poster Session

Friday June 20th
8:00    Session 42: Green, Blue, Grey Management for Agriculture
  1. Andrew Henderson, University of Texas Health Science Center: "The Rime of the Modern Dairy-er, Water, water, here and there; how much can we drink?" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Dan Devlin, Kansas State University: "The Future of Irrigated Agriculture in the Central and Southern Great Plains" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Zhuping Sheng, Texas A&M AgriLife Research: "Use of graywater and brackish groundwater for cotton production" (PPT Slides, Video)
  4. Discussion
9:20    Plenary VI - Does Integrated Water Resources Management Work? 
Moderator: Kenneth M. Strzepek, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jay R. Lund, University of California-Davis
Dan Sheer, Hydrologics, Inc.
Daene McKinney, University of Texas, Austin
10:45    Session 47: Colorado River Basin Water-Agriculture Nexus - Real-world management of water for people and nature
  1. Kimberly Schonek, TNC: "Verde River Flow Restoration Initiative, Colorado Basin" (PPT Slides, Video)
  2. Dan Keppen, Family Farm Alliance: "Strange Bedfellows: New Partnerships Align to Address Colorado River Basin Challenges" (PPT Slides, Video)
  3. Bonnie Colby, University of Arizona: "Innovations in Water Banking to Reduce Regional Drought Losses" (PPT Slides, Video)
  4. Discussion



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