Massachusetts PI awarded USGS 104(g) grant

Dr. Niveen Imail

Congratulations to Dr. Ismail for this award in a highly competitive program!

Entitled "Fate and Impacts of Silver Nanoparticles in Treatment Wetlands," Dr. Ismail's project aims to understand the overall fate and impact of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) used in engineered wetlands that serve as tertiary treatment of effluent wastewater. She and co-PI Marie-Noele Croteau of USGS will

1) Characterize and quantify AgNPs in wastewater influent and effluent to determine removal efficiency and changes in concentrations and characteristics due to seasonal variations and treatment facility location.
2) Parameterize the processes controlling the bioaccumulation of Ag from AgNP exposure in a model zooplankton species, and model the fate of AgNPs with varying properties.
3) Conduct long-term wetland mesocosm experiments to determine impacts of environmental variables and changing water quality parameters on AgNP fate and wetland performance.

The data generated from these research objectives will address key knowledge gaps on environmental behavior and impacts of AgNPs, improve prediction of performance of treatment wetlands, and provide data necessary to calibrate and validate metal based NP models.