Labs & Services

Note that UMass does not analyze samples for private citizens. You will have to hire a commercial lab for your analyses. See the list of DEP-approved labs or look in your phone book's yellow pages under Laboratories-Testing or Water Analysis.

Environmental Analysis Lab

The Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) provides inorganic chemical analysis of water for University researchers, public agencies, and other publicly-supported clients to support environmental research, management, and monitoring activities, and has a particular strength in analysis of fresh water samples for total phosphorus and chlorophyll a.
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Other Labs on Campus

UMass Amherst is also home to these labs providing environmental analyses:

  • The Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory provides test results and recommendations that lead to the wise and economical use of soils and soil amendments.

  • UMass Pesticide Laboratory provides analytical services and scientific expertise for the regulation and enforcement of pesticide use in Massachusetts
    Contact John Clark by email or call 413-545-1052 or Jeffrey Doherty at 413-545-4369

  • Diagnostic Labs provides diagnosis of plant problems for the turf, floriculture, vegetable, nursery, urban forestry and landscape industries.

  • UMass Environmental Engineering Analytical Laboratory can provide nutrient and ion analysis of water (please email Dr. Chul Park for inquiries)

Other Services

The following services may be available on a fee for services basis. Contact WRRC for more details.

  • Conference Support and Planning
  • Outreach
  • Continuing Education Workshops
  • Volunteer Monitoring Coordination