2010 - Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions on the Deerfield River

Grant Award Year: 
Principal Investigator: 
Dr. David Boutt
Research Description: 
The Deerfield River in Massachusetts is heavily regulated by hydroelectric dams. It flows over glaciofluvial deposits typical of New England valleys. Piezometric data collected from the streambed in the Charlemont Basin of the Deerfield River show relative head reversals between the hyporheic zone and the channel during daily dam-release flood events. Efforts to identify and observe areas of focused hyporheic exchange using temperature anomalies proved inconclusive due lack of data across a heterogeneous streambed. Here, we propose using fiber optic distributed temperature sensing to identify surface water-groundwater (SWGW) exchange locations. Knowledge of substrate and underlying geology will allow us to delineate specific glaciostratigraphic units of the subsurface that are important to SWGW exchange. Last, we will employ coupled groundwater flux-heat flux models to estimate the magnitude of exchange between the stream and subsurface.