Other Water Research on Campus

This is a partial list of UMass Amherst water-related research:

Lili He, UMass Amherst food scientist, has developed a new smart phone app that can instantly detect the presence of bacteria in your food: see video. This method can also be used for testing water samples.

David Boutt identifies glacial tills as major groundwater storage reservoir

Amanda Kinchla and Sam Nugen work on quantifying pathogens in vegetable-wash water

Caitlyn Butler (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Paul Barten (Ecological Conservation)

  • Hydrologic effects of forest management and land use change
  • East-wide assessment of forests, water supplies, and human impact
  • Application of the Watershed Forest Management Information System (WFMIS) (various watersheds in the eastern US)

David Boutt (Geosciences)

  • Interactions between physical, chemical, and human processes in near-surface hydrologic environments

Casey Brown (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

  • Hydroclimatologic variability and change
  • Climate risk management in infrastructure systems
  • Water, climate and economic development
  • Sustainable water resources planning and management