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Stakeholder Guidance Helps to Identify Major Misconception Regarding Dam Removals

Jon Woodruff and Brian Yellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wednesday, November 13, 2019at 12:00 pm EST>

Jon Woodruff and Brian Yellen from the UMass Amherst Department of Geosciences will discuss the NE CASC project, "Stakeholder guidance helps to identify major misconception regarding dam removals." Efforts to bolster Hudson River Estuary fisheries have focused a great deal on tributary dam removals. However, concern for sediment impacts often forestalls these projects. In close collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, the project team has generated results that help to negate common misconceptions regarding dam removals for the Hudson and likely the greater Northeast region.

This presentation will take place in Room 134, Morrill Science Center II, UMass Amherst. To join online, go to this webbinar's page  and click on “Webinar Information” for the video stream link.